Klack had the distinct pleasure of playing the 2019 Terminus Festival in Calgary AB. Our trip home on July 29th was a long one, including a four hour layover in the busy Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

We thought it would be a fun exercise to write a track on that layover, so with Eric crafting the music and Matt foraging online for samples and creating atmospheric sounds, we created the aptly titled Layover.

(We did try "field recording" sounds on our phones but there was always too much background noise, so we ditched the idea.)

Layover was created in two hours by Gate 20 on the G Concourse and mastered by Eric today. We received many strange looks from our fellow travelers, but in our mix of post-festival exhaustion, boredom, and homesickness we think we put together something really fun.

We hope you like it too, and love to Terminus for having us out! It was an incredible weekend.



Music created by Eric Oehler and Matt Fanale, July 29, 2019